Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Musings of a Libertarian Jew

So, here I am, and it's been two months since I wrote my bitter prose regarding hilchos niddah, IUD's, and Rabbi Hillel David, and I look back at it and can't say I really am sorry for anything I wrote. I should be, perhaps, but I'm not.

Chainik Hocker is getting married a week from this Sunday, October 22nd. Were it not my grandmother's 80th birthday, with my mother traveling up from Beloved Hometown to surprise her (don't worry, my grandmother's heart is strong), I think I would put forth an effort to travel down from the Tri-State area to Baltimore to see that poor bastard put his foot down for the last time.

I moved to New Jersey at the beginning of last month. It's an amazing town in which I now dwell. In five or six weeks, no one, Jew or gentile, has done anything remotely hurtful or even unintentionally hurtful to me. In Brooklyn, eye contact is a threat. In my new town, not making eye contact is an insult.

Wishing all the best to the Chainik Hocker, and I hope I'll be inspired to write on this blog soon.


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