Sunday, March 05, 2006

Be seeing you, Harry

I was deeply saddened last night to learn of the passing of Harry Browne.

Mr. Browne truly changed the way I think about a lot of things, all due to his persistent wit, humor, and humility.

Back in 2002, Browne was on the Sean Hannity show in what can only be described as a shouting match with the host. On Browne's own show a day or two later, Browne publically lamented how he had lost his temper and was angry with himself for letting Hannity get the best of him. This quality of acknowledging one's own error is a rare one, and I admired him tremendously for it.

While I didn't email him many times, he responded to each and every one with great respect and politeness. When I made mention of my forthcoming parenthood in one of my emails, he warmly congratulated me on my fortune, and blessed me in my endeavors. Most wouldn't have taken the time.

I knew he'd been ill for some time, but he never (as far as I know) let the public know it was Lou Gehrig's disease, which his friend and associate Jim Babka disclosed to the press. I used to visit his website every day, hoping he'd written a new article. His last article was in December of 2005. His mailing list went out every Saturday to tell about his radio show, and that's how I found out he'd died.

Mr. Browne, we'll miss you. You created a wonderful legacy that I hope can live up to your example.


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