Monday, September 12, 2005

In case anyone cares...

I'm back. At least, I'm back for one little entry in my pathetic excuse for a blog.

For the past six months, I have worked for a company whose workforce is primarily chasidim, with some misnagdim such as myself, and a few gentiles sprinkled about the place. I work six days a week, and I'm totally exhausted most of the time.

To put it succinctly, I am drowning in a sea of neoconservatives, who are just like liberals -- they worship the state in all its glory, assuming it's their guys in power, and not those stoned, left-leaning gay lovers on the left.

These are the thoughts that have been floating in my noggin for the past few months:

1) How does the fact that the New Orleans detainees were held against their will in the Superdome contrast with us "bringing freedom" to Iraq?

2) Were the Jews who are outraged at the Jewish homes in the settlements similarly enraged when homes of Arabs who had little, if anything, to do with terrorism were destroyed by the same Israeli government? Like Goldwater said, the government powerful enough to give you everything you want is the same goverment powerful enough to take it away from you. Life's a bitch, ain't it, state-worshippers?

3) Are the idiots among the Jewish people who claim the tragedy in the bayou was retribution for America's lack of support for Israel aware of the idiots among the Muslims who claim the tragedy was retribution for America's support for Israel? I read a tripe over Shabbos written by Nachman Kahana. A supporter of his kind I am no longer. People like him would dare to assume how Hashem keeps the celestial scorecard. I'm not so arrogant as they.

4) When Jews hear of bad things the state of Israel does to religious Jews, it's believed without any hesitation. However, if any news comes out of bad things being done to Arabs by the Israeli government, all we hear are claims of media bias and anti-semitism. Why is this?

A co-worker of mine suggested yesterday that the Israelis should have mined all the schools and homes in Gaza before leaving. Another verbalized his desire to see all the Arabs killed. The latter (not a religious Jew, but a very nationalistic Jew) called a couple of guys "pussies" for thinking that Israel should just start bombing everyone in sight.


These people disgust me.


At 5:43 PM, Anonymous Mechanized said...

Unfortunately when individuals of the Jewish persuasion begin speaking in terms of mass murder it tragically awakens any anti-semetic proclivities some gentiles have. Often this translates into giving credence to absurdities such as "The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion" and other conspiratorial nonsense. Obviously it is quite unfair to single out a single race/religious group, given that all human beings are capable of the very sins they admonish in others, but unfortunately life isn't fair.

Just as tragically for Jews is by supporting statism they may eventually finds themselves targets of a totalitarian group with anti-semetic proclivities. It is quite strange that so many Jewish individuals support statism when governments have committed great atrocities (persecution and genocide) against Jews on falsely-based accusations.

Walter Block wrote an interesting piece on this phenomenon entitled "The Mishnah and Jewish dirigism" (posted at I believe Yid had posted this in July of 2004. Only true liberty and a free market can allow Jews as well as Gentiles to thrive without being subjected to government-enforced mass persecution. Whether in the form of monetary confiscation for generally nefarious purposes or outright restriction or complete removal of human rights government will ultimately resort to coercive methods to enforce its will upon the populace.


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