Wednesday, April 20, 2005

If you don't know the difference between the kitchen and the bathroom...

There's a joke that goes as follows:

What's the difference between the kitchen and the bathroom?

If you don't know, stay the hell out of my house!

Walter Block once mentioned this joke, fine-tuning it to say if you don't know the difference between voluntary exchange and stealing, you have no business discussing political economy.

Along a similar vein, what is it called when someone uses a gun to force another person to go where he doesn't want to go? It's called kidnapping.

This came to mind because this week, I was "summoned" for jury duty.

I sympathize with those who need juries for their trials, but the method by which juries are gathered can only be truly described as kidnapping. I wasn't there to perform my so-called social responsibilities. I was there because of the invisible gun pointed at my head that, the holder of said gun telling me that I would be shot if I resisted the summons and continually resisted to the end.

I was empanelled twice in the day. During the first empanelling, one of the lawyers asked us how we were doing that day. What came to my mind but went unsaid was "Well, I lost all my overtime for the week by being here, but you're making plenty from attending this little shindig. I'm peachy."

Now, to these objections, most will say that we need juries to judge cases. I honestly don't disagree with that. People will say that if we don't force people to serve on juries, no one will serve. I don't believe that.

A huge problem with today's society is that if we can't come up with a solution to a problem, we assume that no one else is capable of coming up with a solution to that problem, so only the government, with its monopoly on force can resolve the problem, regardless of how many nukes get dropped on anthills.

Call me bitter, if you will.


At 11:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

oy vey. you don't really believe there's a guy who lives in the sky who may or may not have had a son named jesus who may or may not have died for our sins who may or may not like jews better than everyone else? please tell me that you don't believe this meshugoss - you seem like such a nice boy.


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