Thursday, February 17, 2005

Life was so much simpler when I was single and chronically depressed.

So, I've been pretty busy lately, trying to rub my two pennies together and get them to multiply into enough cash to pay the exorbitant rent on my apartment that everyone I know thinks I got at a bargain price. Feh, I say. In my Beloved Hometown, my mother pays less than half my monthly rent payment as her mortgage payment on a three bedroom house. And she doesn't live in a backwards hellhole, either. It's a nice neighborhood.

Lessee, so much to say while I have the energy to type. My newborn daughter is now two weeks old, and she's a beauty, just like her sister. The resemblance between them (and to me) is quite remarkable.

Businesswise, I have a store I'm putting up as a side business that is just about ready to roll. My consultancy is startign to pick up (I hope). I've done a couple of jobs with my friend, the Chainik Hocker, this week, and I'm glad to have the pictures of Andrew Jackson to line my pocket. It gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling.

That's about it. I'm a daddy again, and I'm tired, again.


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