Sunday, January 30, 2005

Old Gimp and Me

I am finding, much to my surprise, that the free software program that I am opening with greater and greater frequency this past week isn't or Firefox or Kontact, but the GNU Image Manipulation Program, the GIMP.

My client in Boro Park, for whom I'm putting together a website, needed a logo to put in the setup, and they have no logo, even on their business cards and stationery, so I opened up the Gimp and designed one with a script for building logos that comes with the package. Now, they have a (somewhat) professional looking, albeit plain, logo, but they get what they pay for, and they didn't contract me for graphic design, nor would I allow them to do so.

I'm remaking my company's website, dumping the Flash site I made using Swish, and instead trying to cobble something attractive using Quanta Plus, before giving up and returning to Windows to shell out serious cash for something like Dreamweaver.

I've been using the Gimp mainly for editing my digital photos, as my daughter is quite red-eye prone. I never pictured myself using it for professional ends.

Also, important pregnancy update: my wife's due date was yesterday. My mother is wondering if child number two will be two weeks late like child number one was. :)


At 7:59 PM, Blogger Ipcha Mistabra said...

Thank God !!
For a minute there I thoght you were making a referance to pulp fiction.


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