Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Brothers in Solidarity?

I managed to create a small controversy for having the nerve to call Reverend King the man of violence that he was. I've been referred to speeches he made, but speeches are just talk if the actions don't follow, and that's the case with King. Had he fought only to correct racism in government, I would be able to say I support what he did. However, he used force to coerce private individuals to associate with people with whom they wouldn't have associated themselves otherwise. That is a form of slavery, and a libertarian cannot accept something like that as just.

In this, I met a fellow blogger, who is also a libertarian Jew. Funny, he would have had to pick a different name had I not gone with Yid instead of Jew.

Not knowing much about him, I think I can be pretty certain he is a brother in solidarity.

I read through his blog, and he posts a lot about something I rarely write about: Israel. The reason I rarely write about Israel is this:

I'm tired of nearly everything having to do with the Homeland. I cannot let myself get so wound up in the politics and the conniving and the violence over there or I'll work myself into an ulcer.

There is just one thing you have to know about the Israeli government and the situation with the Arab nations:

You need only think of the most sensible and speedy solution to the conflict, regardless of your political leanings, and the Israeli government will do the exact opposite.

After a while, I began to see little toeles in it all.


At 5:37 PM, Blogger JamesEJ said...

Issues involving Israel are tough for a libertarian to deal with, but are issues that most Jews have to resolve for themselves. On issues involving Israel, I tend to support Shinui and favor a libertarian utility view. That is, prefer actions that expand liberty even if the action itself may harm liberty in smaller ways. It is always a tough call and no answer seems satisfactory, but given the progress we seem to be making, I have been blogging more about it.


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