Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Various Musings

Well, check out all the people jumping ship from the Emperor's cabal!

First Ashcroft, who decided that one term of urinating on the Constitution was enough for his ego, and now Powell, the man who completely destroyed his credibility by going before the UN with the so-called "evidence" that Iraq had WMD.

My good buddy, the Chainik Hocker, links to Michelle Malkin about the outgoing Imperial Legal Advisor. Unfortunately, CH seems to be unaware that Malkin is a blithering idiot who only talks but will shy away from any questions regarding the integrity of her work. As soon as I heard that she had the audacity to write a book claiming that the internment of Japanese Americans was a justified action, I thanked G-d that I no longer considered myself a conservative, because suddenly the term "conservative nutcase" seemed appropriate.


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