Sunday, November 28, 2004

Being unemployed is so time consuming

So... where do I begin? I've not been blogging lately because I've been so busy sending my resume to everyone in sight.

A family friend from my hometown (south of the Missouri Compromise line) who has thirty something years (and a resume that genuinely frightened me) in IT helped me retool my resume into a two page long thing of beauty that makes me look a lot more impressive than I feel. I think that's because when a person is able to do something repeatedly, it's not so much a big deal to that person anymore.

On Hotjobs, I look up the jobs that match the search for "technical support" and "help desk" and I see the list of open jobs with the line under them telling me that I've already sent my resume.

On Monster, they don't have such a nice feature. On Monster, you try to apply for a job and then it gives you an error message saying that you've already applied. Well, gee, Monster. Thanks for letting me know that I'm retarded. Couldn't you have spared me the trouble by warning me ahead of time?

The Chainik Hocker thought he'd snagged a data recovery job for me, after reading about my data rescuing escapades, but so far, nothing's come of it. CH has a client who lost all of his business records on a machine running Windows 98 (problem #1). CH referred the guy to me, but for a week I received no phone call. I called CH to harrass him about it (man's gotta eat! man's got womenfolk to feed!) and he gets back to me, saying that Potential Client has decided not to go with the Reliable Solution (me!) but with someone else, who supposedly has experience with the FBI opening up hard drives, taking out the disks, and (get this!) extracting the data with a syringe.

Well, shucks, I can hardly compete with data recovery skills like that!

CH tried to explain to this poor, hapless person that data is not stored in a liquid (this is only the 21st century, after all, not some half baked Star Trek like Voyager) but apparently to no avail.

Oh, well. There's a sucker born every minute. And poor me, I haven't the chutzpah to take advantage of them.

On another front, my friend, the person whose 13 GB I saved, referred me to his brother, who needs a website for his business, so maybe I can score some moolah on that end while I look for a new job.

I'm really giving a lot of thought towards starting a consultancy and advertising in our illustrious Jewish newspapers and the Torah Times, etc. to see if I can help my poor, misguided, technologically unsavvy Yiddishe brethren with their computer woes.

I better come up with something quick, though. My family is helping, but they're not made of money, either.


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