Tuesday, November 02, 2004

At least I voted against Chuckie!

Today, it was with great glee that I voted for Michael Badnarik and against Chuck "the Schmuck" Schumer.

Unfortunately, the LP only had three people on the board, but I gave my protest vote, and my bitchslap against Mister "I never thought of a government program too obscure, useless, senseless, or expensive to avoid advocating at my weekly press conferences" Schumer (can you tell I loathe him?).

Bush has to go. Kerry is no improvement. Whether the issue is the war, the economy, health care, or anything else, the answers that will be productive and conducive to a prosperous future lie with neither the Republicans or the Democrats.

Listening to Hannity this afternoon made me sick to my stomach, the way he completely dismisses the idea that 9/11 wasn't an unprovoked attack, when it obviously was provoked in the eyes of many in the Muslim world. The recent al-Qaeda tape was something so simple even a twelve year old could grasp it, and Hannity and the rest of the neoconservatives still need visual aids.



At 12:59 AM, Blogger The Chainik Hocker said...

Wait till Chuckie runs for Govenor in 2006.


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