Sunday, November 28, 2004

Being unemployed is so time consuming

So... where do I begin? I've not been blogging lately because I've been so busy sending my resume to everyone in sight.

A family friend from my hometown (south of the Missouri Compromise line) who has thirty something years (and a resume that genuinely frightened me) in IT helped me retool my resume into a two page long thing of beauty that makes me look a lot more impressive than I feel. I think that's because when a person is able to do something repeatedly, it's not so much a big deal to that person anymore.

On Hotjobs, I look up the jobs that match the search for "technical support" and "help desk" and I see the list of open jobs with the line under them telling me that I've already sent my resume.

On Monster, they don't have such a nice feature. On Monster, you try to apply for a job and then it gives you an error message saying that you've already applied. Well, gee, Monster. Thanks for letting me know that I'm retarded. Couldn't you have spared me the trouble by warning me ahead of time?

The Chainik Hocker thought he'd snagged a data recovery job for me, after reading about my data rescuing escapades, but so far, nothing's come of it. CH has a client who lost all of his business records on a machine running Windows 98 (problem #1). CH referred the guy to me, but for a week I received no phone call. I called CH to harrass him about it (man's gotta eat! man's got womenfolk to feed!) and he gets back to me, saying that Potential Client has decided not to go with the Reliable Solution (me!) but with someone else, who supposedly has experience with the FBI opening up hard drives, taking out the disks, and (get this!) extracting the data with a syringe.

Well, shucks, I can hardly compete with data recovery skills like that!

CH tried to explain to this poor, hapless person that data is not stored in a liquid (this is only the 21st century, after all, not some half baked Star Trek like Voyager) but apparently to no avail.

Oh, well. There's a sucker born every minute. And poor me, I haven't the chutzpah to take advantage of them.

On another front, my friend, the person whose 13 GB I saved, referred me to his brother, who needs a website for his business, so maybe I can score some moolah on that end while I look for a new job.

I'm really giving a lot of thought towards starting a consultancy and advertising in our illustrious Jewish newspapers and the Torah Times, etc. to see if I can help my poor, misguided, technologically unsavvy Yiddishe brethren with their computer woes.

I better come up with something quick, though. My family is helping, but they're not made of money, either.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Various Musings

Well, check out all the people jumping ship from the Emperor's cabal!

First Ashcroft, who decided that one term of urinating on the Constitution was enough for his ego, and now Powell, the man who completely destroyed his credibility by going before the UN with the so-called "evidence" that Iraq had WMD.

My good buddy, the Chainik Hocker, links to Michelle Malkin about the outgoing Imperial Legal Advisor. Unfortunately, CH seems to be unaware that Malkin is a blithering idiot who only talks but will shy away from any questions regarding the integrity of her work. As soon as I heard that she had the audacity to write a book claiming that the internment of Japanese Americans was a justified action, I thanked G-d that I no longer considered myself a conservative, because suddenly the term "conservative nutcase" seemed appropriate.

Friday, November 12, 2004


William Anderson wrote another great article about how the Democrats could win big if they did a turnabout in their strategy, letting the Republicans wear with honor the badge they have earned as the party of bigger government.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004


My daughter, who everyone knows is the cutest creature ever to walk on G-d's green earth, has learned to kiss. She'll stick her head out and touch her lips to my cheek and make a smacking sound.

It's absolutely heart-melting.

She's also acquired this strange yearning to see my wife wear her hat, which is silly since it obviously is only made for someone under the age of two. My daughter will say "more," which really comes out sounding like "mawww," until my wife puts it on, and once she does, my daughter kisses her.


Thursday, November 04, 2004

Credit where it's due!

I received an email from my wife's great aunt today, with whom I've had a number of political discussions over the internet. My wife has always found this amusing, because she barely knows this woman, and I, the man who's met this woman once, talks to her more often than my wife does.

Below is the text she forwarded that had been sent to her:

My phone starting ringing a little before 9 AM yesterday. In each instance, it was a tearful friend or relative who wanted me to console them on the election results. But as I told them yesterday, I couldn’t comfort them until I could comfort myself.

The news was so unacceptable to me, that I simply ignored it. I didn’t believe it and I didn’t want to let reality in. So I busied myself as if nothing had happened. But that didn’t work too well, and eventually the truth struck my brain and all the fears came tumbling in.

I have nothing reassuring to say to anyone. The election shows one thing clearly. We are a white Christian nation. The rest of us are just tolerated, at least for now.

When I was in college, young people were liberals. I just assumed with all the new voters actually coming to the polls, we would see a mandate for change. We got one, but it’s to the right, not the left. The heavy turnout was not anti-war; it was evangelical. The elected president is not alone. He shares his mandate with Jesus. We’re back to the time when Atheists had better keep their mouths shut, Jews better behave, and Muslins might want to find a better place to live.

Separation of church and state, perhaps the most important principle our country’s founders passed on, is now on its way out. Prayer in the schoolroom is on its way back…. New Testament prayer, that is.

I’ve gotten over being upset that I am older than the president of the United States. But I can’t get over the fact that my president has a significantly lower IQ.

Most of the people who stole my country on November 2nd, have never lived through the McCarthy era, or the Eisenhower election, to say nothing of Adolph Hitler.

When I was barely out of my teens, I learned the hard way to be careful not to say aloud that I preferred Adlai Stevenson. Patriotic Americans were voting for Dwight Eisenhower. The small company I was with, wrote ”filler” articles for newspapers around the country and so we got weeklies and small dailies from almost every state. In the Bible belt, as we called it, you wouldn’t know the democrats had fielded a candidate. Adlai Stevenson’s name never appeared in print.

Joe McCarthy was so scary, no one spoke out until Edward R. Murrow got up enough courage and it put his career at CBS on hold. But I knew what was happening first hand because the company I was with, hired people McCarthy had caused to be fired because they failed the “loyalty” test. The group I worked with included a very well known Philadelphia reporter, a former financial advisor to Franklin Delano Roosevelt, two filmmakers from UNESCO, and a brother of liberal writer I.F. Stone. The only charge against these men was that they were left wing (and that meant Communist back then even though they weren’t.)

Are we back to a time when we dare not speak our mind or John Ashcroft and the Patriot Act will not only get us fired, but imprisoned. Dare we admit that we are not churchgoers? Will our companies demand a loyalty test as they did in the 50s? Will we be denied personal choice over our bodies?

The right of assembly has already been infringed. Freedom to believe, or not believe, is no longer an easy personal choice. Fear will increasingly infringe upon freedom of speech if by speaking out you could lose your job or be ostracized by your community.

Most importantly, will we ever hear the truth again? There’s something ironic about the “moral majority” selecting a pathological liar as their leader.

Richard Nixon said it best. Mediocrity is not a bad thing.

This president and his coterie introduce nothing new. Those of us over 50 have all been here before.

Comfort you? No, my dear friends. Come cry with me.

I'll take Melodrama for $1000, Alex!

Geez, beyond the appeal to my emotions (which I blocked immediately -- I can be very good at that when I want to be), I had to lend a little sympathy to these leftist quacks.

You see, I don't blame the Republicans for their victory this week.

I blame the Democrats.

I used to think the Democrats were real geniuses in how they'd figured out how to turn an election into an advance auction on stolen goods, but the Republicans tricked them into forfeiting the election.

How, might you ask?

The Democrats brought to the forefront issues of no real significance, like the gay marriage non-issue. Both parties have perfected to an artform the act of failing to foresee consequences of their actions. The Democrats pushed for gay marriage, yet didn't have any expectation whatsoever what kind of backlash it would create among traditionalist Christians who would have been too lazy to vote otherwise. So, the Democrats, not the Republicans, ended up mobilizing new votes into the Republican coffers.

Thanks a bunch. I reeeeally appreciate it. Now I can have the end of the income tax like I've always dreamed. Heh.

Today on Lew Rockwell there was an article by William Anderson that he wrote during Kerry's (really quite civil and gentlemanly) concession speech. He advised that the Democrats go back to their Grover Cleveland roots, who I've long thought was the last great American President, a sentiment with which Anderson agrees.

Of course, that won't happen, and the Republicans will continue to grow this government out of control, and continue ruining our economy.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

So, let's get down to business

Now that the Emperor has won reelection, let's ask a serious question.

How long must we wait after his coronation before we'll see the promised end of the federal income tax.

A Republican is in the White House.

The Republicans control the House and Senate.

Now, hold on for the ride as we watch for four more years of the Republicans betraying every spoken principle to which they've ever professed fealty.

The Republicans didn't beat the Democrats. They became the Democrats.

I'm waiting for this freedom the Emperor keeps telling us he's giving us.

Where is it?

Now, on to something important

Okay, Bush won. I'm not surprised. His Emminence, Emperor George II, had primed up a healthy amount of fear that the sky would fall, brimstone would flow through our sinks, and that all the ten plagues would make a comeback if he wasn't reelected.


The idea that because there hasn't been a terrorist attack since 9/11 means that GWB is doing a good job is foolishness at its most sterling. It has been stated many times that al-Qaeda planned the 9/11 attacks for years before they occurred. If we haven't been attacked since 9/11, then it's because the plans haven't reached the end of their timetable yet.

There's not a thing on earth the government can do to protect us from the harm caused by a single man or small group of men other than stop provoking such attacks through our arrogant foreign policy.

Bring home the troops from Europe. Now.

Bring home the troops from Asia. Now.

Bring home the troops from the Middle East. Now.

See how fast the terrorism problem stops when the US doesn't stick its nose where it doesn't belong.

If our Christian "friends" think the US needs to protect Israel, why don't those Christians get off their duffs, pick up a rifle, and go over to the Holy Land to participate in its defense instead of sending off other people's sons and daughters to do it?

That was my political rant.

Now for my computer rant.

Adobe Systems is starting to look at its options in releasing products for Linux.

I am very happy to read about this, and I'm surprised that it took so long for them to come to this conclusion, considering how easy it is for them to release software for Linux.

Right now, if you download Acrobat Reader for Linux, it looks like this. Lame, I know. Functional, but it looks like something that was modern back in 1985.

However, Adobe bought licenses to use Qt, a software gui toolkit sold by Trolltech, a company out of Norway. Qt is multi-platform, and programs written in Qt need only be recompiled on Windows, Linux/Unix, or Mac OSX to create binaries that are native to those operating systems. Qt is the basis of my desktop environment of choice, KDE. Qt is free to use for free software development, but expensive to use for proprietary software developement. Adobe saw the value in Qt, and bought the licenses.

Now, if they port Acrobat to Qt, then they'll have one codebase to maintain, and they'll be able to distribute a version of the Reader for Linux that actually looks as good as it works.

I'm looking forward to it. I'm just wondering what took them this long, considering how long they've had the licenses.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

At least I voted against Chuckie!

Today, it was with great glee that I voted for Michael Badnarik and against Chuck "the Schmuck" Schumer.

Unfortunately, the LP only had three people on the board, but I gave my protest vote, and my bitchslap against Mister "I never thought of a government program too obscure, useless, senseless, or expensive to avoid advocating at my weekly press conferences" Schumer (can you tell I loathe him?).

Bush has to go. Kerry is no improvement. Whether the issue is the war, the economy, health care, or anything else, the answers that will be productive and conducive to a prosperous future lie with neither the Republicans or the Democrats.

Listening to Hannity this afternoon made me sick to my stomach, the way he completely dismisses the idea that 9/11 wasn't an unprovoked attack, when it obviously was provoked in the eyes of many in the Muslim world. The recent al-Qaeda tape was something so simple even a twelve year old could grasp it, and Hannity and the rest of the neoconservatives still need visual aids.