Monday, October 04, 2004

They're my friends, but I think they need to do a little more reading on the subject...

Last Shabbos, we went to friends of our's, because we lack both sukkah and eruv, and thus would have been confined to our home and I would have been unable to fulfill the mitzvos of the week. A person walked up to my host and me while we were walking home once Shabbos was over, and he asked me who I was going to vote for. I told him Badnarik, and, unsurprisingly, the guy didn't know who Badnarik is. Oh, well.

My host went on to praise the Emperor, calling him "chasidei umos ha'olam," which, while I understand why he felt that way, is a completely and quite often misused term, as Rabbi Yosef Viener points out.

For some reason, many Jews don't seem to realize what a bad thing for Israel the invasion of Iraq was. It had made Israel further dependent on America of its security, instead of less dependent, and the less dependent Israel is on the kindness of others, the better off she is.

Adem Kupi quite correctly points out that America has a nasty habit of going to war with its allies. The idea that one day Israel could be declared the enemy of the US is entirely possible. Who knows? Perhaps the US is going to be one the major powers mentioned in the prophecy in Zechariah 12. I don't know. For 2,500 years, Judaism has been a non-prophet organization, and as Rabbi Wein says, "the Lord hasn't spoken to me in over two weeks!"

If the fate of Israel depends on the American election, then the Jews had better jump to attention and see what a horrible thing this is for us as a whole.

Many think that if John Kerry wins this election next month, it will be bad for Israel. They are correct. It will be bad for Israel because a foreign power will be interfering with her for political reasons. If George Bush wins reelection, it will be bad for Israel in the long term, because he'll only be in office temporarily, but the hatred which he's managed to accumulate for both Israel and America will last further than 2008.


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