Wednesday, October 27, 2004

I just might be marketable

Two nights ago, Sammy the Kid called me, informing me that his father, a programmer, had installed the new version of XP (XP: The Next Generation? XP Reloaded? XP: Windows with improved virus capability?) on their machine, and now Windows was denying access to the Administrator's My Documents folder. Administrator is supposed to have root access, meaning that nothing should stop administrator from touching anything on the system. "Access denied" shouldn't be happening.

Fear not, though, for Yid had a plan.

I came over to his house yesterday with a spare hard drive and PCLinuxOS, a very polished Linux live-cd.

I booted his machine to PCLOS, and, as I expected, I was able to access the documents folder which Windows had denied my friend. Under normal circumstances, I would have simply copied the contents of that folder into a different folder and all would have been done. There were two problems with this solution: 1) No room on the hard drive, since we were talking about 12.9 GIGABYTES of data, and 2) Linux doesn't support writing on an NTFS partition.

I formatted my spare 20 gb hard drive with a Windows FAT32 partition, and moved the My Documents folder from the computer's drive onto my drive.

Gawd, it took bloody forever! It took over an hour and a half to move the 13 gig.

But, it was worth it, because once we had achieved this, we simply booted back into Windows and moved the data safely back on the computer's hard drive in a different folder, and all data was saved.

Sammy the Kid's father said that this was definitely something marketable, and that I could make $500-$600 a pop doing something like that.

Doing five or six of those a month, I'd be made for the time being, and I could focus on the internet business I keep telling people I'm starting.


At 8:27 PM, Blogger The Chainik Hocker said...

Sounds like good news. You still can't convince me that Linux is supirior to Windows, though.


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