Saturday, October 02, 2004

Chainik Hocker Amazes Yid and Family With Feats of Strength and Valor: Astonishing First-hand Report

So, I finished my move on Monday night. Finally. Due to circumstances beyond the control of myself or my beautiful spousal unit, we had to move piecemeal throughout the month of September. That means (you guessed it!) I had to pay rent on two different apartments this month. Therefore, my wallet is in a recession, but I'm sure FDR's ghost could push it into a huge depression if he was really feeling helpful.

On Sunday, with the help of the Chainik Hocker and a young 18 year old lad I'll call Sammy the Kid, the Yid and co. moved the vast majority of our worldly goods and items to the new apartment, inching us ever closer to Sheepshead Bay, but not quite.

In other news, Yom Kippur went extremely well. I didn't have any problems with the fasting until about 4-5 pm, by which time the fast is almost over anyway, so I told my stomach to shut the hell up and deal with it, and my stomach complied, since it knew I'd feed it bad stuff if it didn't. The chazzan really flew through Nei'lah (last service of Yom Kippur) which really made me respect him a lot, because it was like him saying to the congregation, "I understand, guys! I'm hungry, too!"

In all seriousness, it was a beautiful service all day long, and I even got to take a nap for about an hour between mussaf and minchah. At least then I could understand making a new bracha on my tallis. Why we're supposed to make a new one when we haven't slept escapes me.

Anyhoo, whatever the hurricane of the week is in Florida caused us New Yorkers who have nothing to do with the sins of the old people living down south to suffer horrible, terrible, and most importantly, wet, rains last for most of the day, which caused delays in our cable internet and VOIP lines being installed.

OK, Hurricane of the Week! Now it's personal!

I'm writing this blog post at 9 am on Wednesday, but I'm getting the feeling that I might not be able to post it until after Shabbos.

I still don't understand why I can't email my posts to the blog like the Blogger website says I can. Perhaps after the holiday and Shabbos I'll do something as revolutionary as actually emailing their support staff, assuming they have one.

Peace out.

PS. Read Anthony Gregory's piece on the Presidential Debates that was on LRC on Tuesday. It's a riot!


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