Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Religious fanatics? In Brooklyn? Say it isn't so!

There's some movie with that Britney Murphy (how I know her name is beyond me -- I don't think I've ever seen any of her movies) called "Little Black Book" or some such nonsense. There's a poster for this movie at the bus stop outside Cafe Napoli (awesome cafe, btw) and Avenue M. I noticed the poster walking by one day. The next time I saw that bus stop, someone had spray painted over Miss Murphy's face and torso.

Very soon thereafter, the spray paint was removed, and there was that anorexic blonde's face again.

Again, the poster was spray-painted.

Today, I noticed that yet again, the paint had been removed.

There is no point to this story, actually. I cannot assume that it was religious lunatics offended by the poster, as we've seen much worse in Flatbush. Hell, all the non-Jewish women walking through our streets are half-naked in the summer compared to that poster.

It could have been practical jokers.

Or Masons. It's probably the Masons.


At 11:50 PM, Blogger The Chainik Hocker said...

When they start suicide-bombing movie theaters showing the movie, I'll start worrying.
However, as you point out, there's far worse around. Maybe it's just someone with a pathological hatred of Britney Murphey. Goodness knows, all her movies were terrible. And she does the voice of Luanne on King of the Hill, which is the most annoying character.


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