Thursday, August 26, 2004

Ode to my Spousal Unit

When I was younger, I had a whole slew of food alergies, and the selection from which I could eat was small. The selection from which I was willing to eat was even smaller.

One thing I did enjoy, and that I could eat, was nachos. Put out some tortilla chips, drop some cheddar all over it, nuke it for a minute, and viola, instant meal.

I got kinda tired of it after a while, and then inspiration hit me with an idea that I never got tired of.

Pizza nachos.

Take some tortilla chips, spread a small amount of tomato sauce, sprinkle some mozzarella, nuke for a minute, and viola, even better instant meal. This was practically the staple of my diet when I was growing up, which surprises anyone who sees me, because it sure as hell didn't stunt my growth.

Fast forward to the present, to a time when your humble correspondent has the most wonderful spousal unit in the whole world, who humored me while I regaled her with tales of my pizza nachos and then, today, despite how fattening they are, made them for me.

I'm still on a high from them, and I ate them nearly an hour ago. I hadn't made them in nearly six years due to kashrus issues in one place or another where I lived. But my wife made them, despite how horribly bad they are for me.

That's true love, my friends. Yes, she'll do your laundry. Yes, she'll clean the bathroom. But will she make your favorite comfort foods?


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