Wednesday, August 04, 2004

It's perfectly safe -- you can trust me

I've been married over two years now (!!!!!) and I can tell you that it's an experience that I highly recommend, and having been to this side of the fence, the grass is definitely greener.

I thought I'd write a sappy ode to my Spousal Unit, celebrating her wonderfulness and such, but decided instead to write an erotic tale.

Just kidding. We frummies don't do such things.

My wife loves me more than anyone other than my parents, and does everything she can to make me a better person. Believe me, that's hard work. And I love her dearly.

And, last night, she made me chicken.

Fried chicken.

And behold, it was goooooood.

Need I say more?

I can only end this post with premarital advice for those looking for a future spouse:

When you're dating a girl, and you're serious about getting married, any issues that come up should *NOT* be put on the back burner. After marriage, tons of things come up, so if there's problems coming up beforehand, it'll only increase geometrically after the wedding. I had a broken engagement prior to meeting my wife, and I must say that if I had followed the advice I'm doling out now, I could have saved both me and my former fiance a world of heartache.

My second piece of advice is the following I heard from the great Rabbi Akiva Tatz of the fading British Empire: when you're born, you are missing your other half. When you get married, your spouse fills that other half. The longer you're single, the more you begin to compensate for that missing half, creating a situation whereby when you actually do get married, your spouse is trying to fill a space in your heart for which you've already compensated, and that adjustment becomes much more difficult.


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