Tuesday, August 10, 2004

It makes me mighty uncomfortable

I picked up a flyer for the guy running for our district judge, a fellow Yid named Charles Finkelstein.

It does not make me happy when Jews seek to attain political office. Not happy at all.

So, the flyer says that he was a narcotics prosecutor, and that got me steaming.

It's no secret that there's a drug problem among a segment of the Orthodox Jewish youth in NYC. But, I'll bet two to one odds that Finkelstein would go out of his way to cut slack to the Jewish drug users, because if a Jew uses drugs, he needs understanding, but if a goy uses drugs, it requires jail time.

Along a similar vein, isn't it interesting how both Al Gore and George W. Bush admitted to drug use in their youth, but neither one of them volunteered to turn themselves in and serve jail time? Obviously, their characters are so flawless that they wouldn't benefit from such treatment, hmm?


At 10:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Unusual to see an Orthodox Jew making suggestions as ending foreign aid to Israel or worrying about fellow Jews (Yids??) running for the judiciary or political office. Until I began researching it I didn't realize just how many are socialist in their political and economic viewpoints. That seems awfully strange considering how many Jews have thrived in a capitalist society.

I'm not Jewish myself so it's disquieting to realize that, considering my libertarian beliefs and condemnation of foriegn aid to Israel (or any country for that matter), my views are sometimes labeled "anti-semitic". Its been pounded inot my head for so many years however I still question if what I believe is wrong or not. Rationally though I don't see what sound economic policy has to do with race/religion but I suppose most don't see it that way.

Foreign aid actually injures the recipients economy rather than helping it. Thus all who endorse such aid are inadvertantly injuring the Israeli economy. Adn to think my views were completely the oppoosite ate one time in relation to what has just been posted here.

(This post is in response to several of your blog entries btw.)

Good Day.


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