Sunday, August 08, 2004

An important constitutional dilemma?

I have taken the liberty of sending this message and attachment to anyone with whom I have ever discussed politics, however briefly. Please read through all the mailings until you get to the medical information about 42. My concern is that there are no guidelines for the Congress or the Supreme Court to act in the event that the mental (or physical) condition of the President becomes questionable and there are no standards of mental competency for the President. Staunch dedicated right wingers will say all this is nonsense, lies, etc. so it not worthwhile trying to discuss this with them. I guess the decent thing to do is to inform people so that Bush can leave the White House with some dignity even though defeated.

This quote comes from an email that I received yesterday from a left-wing family member who sends anti-right wing nonsense to me on an almost daily basis. I find it irritating when she makes me want to defend the Republicans, who really are quite inept at the political game in most cases, making you feel sorry for them (unless that was their goal, in which case they're aces).

I emailed her back that I had no way of verifying the information contained in the email, and I find it hard to believe that the left-wing media would ignore yet another opportunity to bash the Emperor of the Holy American Empire.

So, according to this email, we have a constitutional crisis on our hands if the President of the United States becomes mentally unstable.

No, I emailed her back, we don't. I explained that we only have a Constitutional crisis if we have a "living, breathing Constitution." The real Constitution requires no special guidelines in the event of mental incapacitation like this because the President, according to the rules in the Constitution, really can't do that much damage if the Constitution is strictly enforced.

So, in other words, you reap what you sow. You didn't want the follow the rules? Gee, life sucks when it blows up in your face, eh?


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