Tuesday, August 17, 2004

A few words about New Jersey's "governor"

The one thing that bothered me the most about Jim McSkeevey's admission about his secret gay life is that he was essentially admitting adultery and then everyone applauded afterwards. It's like the fact that he broke his promise to his wife was completely irrelevant.

I'm just glad he's leaving, and I don't even live in the armpit of America.

I recall him talking to John Gambling a while back about how millionaires and corporations needed to be paying more of their fair share of taxes, blah blah blah, youknowthewholeliberalBSmentalitything.

Praise the Lord, McSkeevey is leaving. May the Lord save us from whoever replaces him.


At 3:11 AM, Blogger Ipcha Mistabra said...

Hello this is the party of clinton!! I'm stunned he's not asking for a medal. not just an adulterer but apparently gay as well. its just a shame he can't be a minority or a woman, it would be the complete liberal sweep.
oh yeah an illigal alien as well hopfully with a name like abdul or somthing.


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