Tuesday, August 03, 2004

About the proposed abolition of the IRS, again

Today's WorldNetDaily poll talks about the proposed abolition of the IRS and the income tax. The options in the poll are as follows:

  1. Republicans got my vote again, I'm back in the fold
  2. It's the perfect ace in the hole, and if Bush could guarantee its reality, then he's a sure winner
  3. GOP will use it to get Bush re-elected, but its future is anyone's guess
  4. We've heard the same bogus promise before, and it just won't happen
  5. It shows how desperate Republicans are if the GOP resorts to such a cheap campaign ploy
  6. If the GOP were truly serious about this, it wouldn't have waited 4 years to bring it up
  7. Oh yeah? How's Bush going to pay for his sky-high budget?
  8. Gimme a break! How gullible does the GOP think Americans are?
  9. This proves Bush is a right-wing nutcase
Numbers 3-8 are a tie.

Number 9 is ridiculous (like many things you find on WND, btw). Bush isn't a right-wing nutcase. He's a left-wing nutcase.


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