Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Tale of a Communist Hippie Chick

She popped into my head again, because I was thinking about enrolling for a college class for the fall semester.

Last year, I returned to college after an absence of several years. I began the class in the summer, mere days before my daughter was born. There was a young woman in the class who still makes me shudder whenever she pops up in my head.

I refer to her as the Communist Hippie Chick.

I didn't find her particularly attractive (which was my defense to my wife, who wasn't particularly thrilled that I had been speaking to her in the first place), but my heart broke over this girl, who was clearly being used as fodder by the left wing establishment, and there was nothing I could do about it.

This was a girl who honestly thought that government has some supernatural power to make all things right in the world.

This was a girl who would come to class every session with Howard Dean pins on her backpack.

This was a girl from Canada (click the link for everything you really need to know about Canada) who thought that socialized medicine was the greatest thing since sliced bread. Already I knew that this girl was not living in reality. She claimed that the state's medical program had saved her mother's life, and I have no doubt that her mother might have received good care, but socialized medicine is a fiasco in every country it's been tried, including the US, and here she was, the political activist, trying to get even more of the medical system in the US under the control of the IFG (Imperial Federal Government).

This was a girl who actually had a union solidarity tattoo on her arm. I'm quite sure that it'll look attractive on her when she's seventy and the skin on her triceps sags down to her hips. Obviously, she doesn't know or doesn't care about how unions are a cause of unemployment wherever they exist.

I asked her once if she was a communist or a socialist. She replied that she was a democratic socialist. I could only assume that the "democratic" part was supposed to impress me. The idea here is that nine people out of ten say that the tenth man must give up his wallet, it is perfectly moral for the nine people to point guns at the tenth man until he complies.

She was not right in the head, for these and many other reasons, and she pops into my head from time to time, making me feel helpless to do anything.

Oh well.


At 10:16 AM, Blogger whizler said...

You think she's bad, try talking to Lyndon LaRouche supporters. Mostly college or high school drop-outs, they SWEAR the U.S. is about to enter some kind of deep economic depression unless we swiftly adopt the policies of Franklin Roosevelt (yes, the same president who presided over a decade of depression). Shouting such things as "Free trade is genocide!" one can only marvel at how illiterate these people are on basic political and economic understanding.

Oh and nice summation of a "democratic socialist." I laughed at that one.

At 12:36 AM, Blogger The Chainik Hocker said...

For more on Canada, see (why can't you add a hyperlink in a comment? It makes no sense!)


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