Friday, July 16, 2004

Pearl Harbor II: Revenge of the Economically Challenged

Geez, the Japanese government, not wanting to be outdone, are now getting on Microsoft's case. Apparently, Microsoft sent some people with guns to Japanese computer resellers and said that MS would kill their firstborn sons and do unspeakable things in an unspeakable fashion to the womenfolk unless they signed a contract with Microsoft.

Oh, wait. Microsoft didn't force them to do anything.

I'm a big Linux guy. I love Linux. I really, strongly dislike Windows. You might even say on some days that I hate it.

However, Microsoft is not a monopoly. I don't care what the government of the US says. The anti-trust laws are a shameless hoax to "protect" consumers from low priced goods. The sooner people acknowledge this the better off we'll all be. I invite the reader to read the articles written on this subject by Thomas DiLorenzo or listen to his audio lecture on the case against anti-trust.


At 1:39 AM, Blogger William said...

Thank you for still believing.


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