Tuesday, July 20, 2004

The Health Care Conundrum

I've been without health insurance since the beginning of January, and I haven't been thrilled about it.

When I lost my job, I fought tooth and nail against filing for unemployment. I gave in regarding filing for New York State's socialized medicine fiasco called "Americhoice," which somehow gives you the impression you're exercising freedom of choice. If freedom of choice really existed, health care costs wouldn't be so damn exhorbitant that I would feel compelled to sign up for this damn thing.

I'll be eligible for health care under my new job next month, and it will cost me a scant $50 a month to join... but the catch is that the $50 is just for me. If I want my wife and daughter on the plan, I have to pony up six hundred dollars more per month! In my tax bracket, this is likely what I would have to pay if I'm part of the government's crappy system, also.

I'm not exactly in a hurry to have a system like Canada's health care system. They have enough problems with it on their own. While I've never investigated the subject, I'm quite confident that the devalution of the Canadian dollar in relation to the US dollar began around the same time as when they began this stupidity of nationalized health care. Rapid inflation is the only way a government could ever even dream of affording such a system.

Thank you, Albany, for caring so much about your constituents that you almost irrevocably screwed up the quality of our health care. After such thrilling instancing of government professionalism, like government mail and government housing, I'm glad to see that yet another success is almost upon us with government health care.


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