Thursday, July 15, 2004

The Great Controversy: The Constitutional Amendment to "Protect" Marriage

Well, yesterday, the attempt to amend the US Constitution died in the Senate, and even though I find the idea of homosexual marriage repugnant, I say good riddance to the whole idea of the amendment.

Let's start enforcing amendments 9 and 10 and master the practice of what we have already, which is something that's sorely lacking today.

As long as the state doesn't tell me I can't be married to my wife, I have no problem with all the little fagale's congregating at Temple Shaarei Tuchus and doing their thing.

That being said, I do have a problem with all the laws that prevent me from dissociating myself from those congregants, as the law is the only thing that prevents us from marginalizing them. The majority of this country would be perfectly happy if they could simply dissociate from people they don't like, yet we are forced at gunpoint by the state to deal with people we don't want to deal with.

As long as I'm free to have nothing to do with them (which I'm not), I have no problem with homosexual marriage.


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