Thursday, July 29, 2004

Does Hannity have no sense?

As I write this, I'm listening to Sean Hannity spar with Terry McAuliffe (sorry if I spelled your name wrong, Terry!), the chairman of the DNC. I have no love for the chairman, as he earned my disrespect during the 2002 election by claiming that the Republicans were involved in all sorts of trickery to slant the election away from the Democrats. If the Republicans had been involved in fixing the election, the press would have picked up on it, and it would have been a federal case. Yet, after the election, the whole thing disappeared, so the good chairman was obviously lying.

Hannity quoted to the chairman (I'm calling him the chairman to avoid having to try to spell the guy's name) John Kerry's waffling on the Iraq war, quoting Kerry saying that without a doubt, Saddam Hussein had those Weapons of Mass Destruction (tm), just as President Bush had claimed.

Therein lies the problem.

Democrats are liars. Everyone with two eyes and half a brain knows this. Then the Republicans give off a list of the liars claiming that Iraq was an imminent threat with nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons and he was going to strike the US!

The Republicans cite this as proof that Bush was telling the truth. It's the opposite -- it's proof that Bush was lying.


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