Thursday, July 15, 2004

Burying Your Integrity: How I Lost My Respect For Sean Hannity

I used to work in an office that played AM radio all day long. First, we only listened to AM 1010 all day long, five days a week. I got tired of this pretty quick, listening to the liberal idiocy regarding Israel and a whole host of other topics too numerous to mention.

Then, when reception became an issue, the dial got turned to Bloomberg radio. Not a real improvement. Actually, it was downright worse. I got the liberal bias, and I got to listen to people make small talk and then ask each other how much money they were making. I had started reading articles by contemporary Austrian economists, and I realized that most of what I heard on the radio could be put in the circular filing cabinet beneath my desk.

Then we got the bright idea and started listening to talk radio, in particular, ABC, home of Curtis and Kuby, John Gambling (sidenote: I was once speaking with my father, who lives out of state, and he said he listened to Gambling 30 years ago, and didn't like him because he was too conservative; I thought this was ironic because I thought the exact opposite), Rush Limbaugh, and Sean Hannity.

Basically, the only part of this line-up I didn't like was Gambling. Sorry, John, you can't please everyone. Nothing personal. Maybe if you grew a backbone in your political views you'd have been more appealing.

Anyhow, I'll leave Limbaugh for a future post, and focus on Hannity. Forgive the long intro.

Back in 2001, in the height of the intifada, I, like so many other Jews, looked desperately at the mass media, and saw that the Palestinian Arabs could do virtually no wrong, and no real protest against them was to be seen except from certain conservatives. So, the story goes, you give a guy something he wants, and then he starts trusting you.

So beginneth my trust for Hannity.

I became engrossed in conservative viewpoints, and enjoyed immensely the spectrum of conservative websites.

Things about Hannity always bothered me. He didn't debate. He bickered with his liberal guests, constantly interrupting them, as if he could win a debate simply by silencing the person he was debating. Recently, I was listening to Harry Browne's radio archives, and Browne mentioned how he had just been on Hannity's show (this was late May/early June 2002), and I actually remembered the show from two years ago, and the shouting match that erupted between Hannity and Browne.

I continued to listen to him, putting these things in the back of my head, watching talk-radio take the conservative movement to great heights, including taking Congress in the 2002 election.

I didn't lose respect for Hannity, however, until after the Iraq war, when certain things began happening.

Perhaps most startling was his support for Arnold Schwartzeneggar. I personally have nothing against Ah-nold, and I love the way he pronounces the name of his state. However, three years ago tomorrow, Hannity published a commentary on WorldNetDaily talking about how adultery is so horrible and that if a man can't be trusted in his marriage, we can't trust him as a politician. And here Hannity was, supporting AS for governer, because it was more important that a Republican win than to have someone of principle in the office.

This past week, I heard Hannity say "Thank G-d we have an honest man in the White House."

We do NOT have an honest man in the White House. I'll be putting up a post IY"H about our illustrious Chief Executive some time in the future, which will tie in to how Hannity buried his integrity because it was HIS guy in the office, because ABC (anyone but Clinton) would be better.


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